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Carnival at Easton’s beach, Aka 1st beach

I took these shots earlier this month. I didn’t do these for anyone but myself. For some unknown reason I’m attracted to carnivals and I love to photograph them. Every time I stop at one to shoot, I get new favorites. Someday, I would love to do a portrait session at one. I’m thinking an engagements session or senior session would be a lot of fun. Someday I suppose.

These shots were taken at Eastons Beach in Newport, RI (also known as 1st Beach). For what ever reason, they don’t advertise this carnival to well. Which is kind of shame because it is located right on the beach. So every year I try and keep my eye open for it. It seems to arrive sometime in early May.

Enjoy! ~Sean

Ferris Wheel Eastons Beach

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Angie’s Model Shoot

So this past Friday my good friend Jessie of JClements Photography came down with her friend Angeline. They know eachother from salsa dancing. So we went out and decided we were going to try some new lighting techniques and some fun locations and ideas. Well it was a blast! We spent about 2-3 hours shooting and went to about 3 locations. Each location offered a different look and Angie brought her own look. One of my favorite model sessions. These are always so much fun. Enjoy.

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Scott and Olivia Engagement Session

Scott and Olivia are friends of ours. I have only known them for about 3 years and Kate has known them for even longer. I’m pretty sure Kate knows Liv (aka Olivia) from school as a kid. Anyways, we spent about 2 hours or so having fun with them and their amazing dog Lucy. Kate played Lucy wrangler during the shoot.  All three of them did great!

Although I am not shooting their wedding (Kates in the wedding and I’m her awesome guest) we are looking forward to their August wedding!


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Blog is alive!


Well, this is my first blog post, with my new blog! I’m pretty pumped about it really. I will be posting sessions, weddings and any other fun things I come across on here. Today I’m just going to start with a simple short post. Maybe in the nexy couple of days I will blog about an amazing engagement session. See you soon!


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