Baby Nolan Newborn Session

Newborn sessions take time, effort and perseverance. Typically I suggest to do a newborn session within the first 10 days. Some people think I’m nuts when I say that. But, it is the only time that they are that small, believe it or not they grow FAST! Also it is when they are the most sleepy. When newborn pass the two week mark, they hit growth spurts and need constant attention. Before the two week point, it is sooo easy to work with them. They are so sleepy that you can easily put them in poses and not get them mad. This is why I suggest newborns sessions need to be done within the first two weeks.

However, that is not always the case. Sometimes they are born earlier than their due date or later. In the case of Nolan he was born early. Putting him just past the two week mark. Unfortunately, we could not reschedule early, so we had to just go with it. Well he started off a little cranky, but calmed down after about an hour. He gave me just enough time to grab some great shots. I would have liked to of done more, but I couldn’t force him. All in all the session lasted about 3 hours, which can be typical for a newborn session. Heck I even had one that went to six HOURS! But I can’t complain, I’m really happy about the images and so are the parents. It was work, but it paid off in the end. Enjoy!



P.S I also have to thank my friend Sarah Fruzzetti of My Knitch! She made the hammock and can knit something great for you! Check out her FB pageĀ












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  • Jen Davis  says:

    You got some great shots here! What a sweet baby.

  • Teresa Sweet  says:

    Oh what a sweet baby! Great images!!!

  • Angela  says:

    Very sweet!

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