Angie’s Model Shoot

So this past Friday my good friend Jessie of JClements Photography came down with her friend Angeline. They know eachother from salsa dancing. So we went out and decided we were going to try some new lighting techniques and some fun locations and ideas. Well it was a blast! We spent about 2-3 hours shooting and went to about 3 locations. Each location offered a different look and Angie brought her own look. One of my favorite model sessions. These are always so much fun. Enjoy.

8 comments to Angie’s Model Shoot

  • Teresa Sweet  says:

    Beautiful models! Great portraits as always!

  • Caroljean  says:

    Lots of unique and creative shots here!

  • Lori Romney  says:

    These are beautiful! Love your stuff. :)

  • donna  says:

    Beautiful processing on these! Love the angles captured too!

  • ruiz  says:

    Sexy!! good job.

  • Violeta  says:

    Very cool set of shots. Well done on post processing.

  • Liz  says:

    Great set of pictures!

  • ruiz  says:


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