Carnival at Easton’s beach, Aka 1st beach

I took these shots earlier this month. I didn’t do these for anyone but myself. For some unknown reason I’m attracted to carnivals and I love to photograph them. Every time I stop at one to shoot, I get new favorites. Someday, I would love to do a portrait session at one. I’m thinking an engagements session or senior session would be a lot of fun. Someday I suppose.

These shots were taken at Eastons Beach in Newport, RI (also known as 1st Beach). For what ever reason, they don’t advertise this carnival to well. Which is kind of shame because it is located right on the beach. So every year I try and keep my eye open for it. It seems to arrive sometime in early May.

Enjoy! ~Sean

Ferris Wheel Eastons Beach

6 comments to Carnival at Easton’s beach, Aka 1st beach

  • Kay Bouley  says:

    LOVE!!! These look so fun and colorful. A senior session would rock there!

  • Melinda  says:

    I love these all they are incredible!

  • ruiz  says:

    more wow.

  • donna  says:

    These. Are. AMAZING!!! Fantastic work!

  • ruiz  says:

    Good job and beautiful girl.

  • Lori Romney  says:

    gorgeous girl and gorgeous photographs!

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