First blog post in forever tagged posts

How about a blog post? Jeez haven’t done one of those in a year or so!

Dear Blog,

I haven’t posted on you in a very long time. I will try to be a better person. I’m sorry.

I figured it was time to finally say something on here. We have so much happen in the past year. I got married we bought a house and moved to another state, we got a dog, I got a studio space in Littleton Massachusetts. I’m sure if I think long enough I can think of more!

In addition to other life changes, I have had some amazing portrait sessions and some awesome weddings! Honestly, I can’t complain the great Bride and Grooms I have had this year. They have all been a ton of fun!

I’ve been doing plenty of portrait sessions too! Lots of newborns and Senior portrait sessions. I love them both! Maybe at some point I will get a chance to do some personal work...

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